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The Oxygen Sensor measures oxygen content of the exhaust gases. Early Hondas used a 1-wire Oxygen Sensor but starting in the early 90's, a 4-wire sensor was used that included an integral heating unit in order to stablize the sensors readings. And begining with the 92-95 VX Vtec-E motor, a 5-wire Wide Band O2 sensor was fitted that also came on the 96-98 HX Vtec-E.

Joseph Davis had this to say about the 1 and 4 wire sensor readings: "O2 sensor: 14.7:1 AFR at 0.45 volts, anything higher is richer and anything lower is leaner - but noone can tellyou by how much. Stock O2 is calibrated for one thing and one thing only - stiochiometric."

  • An lambda type oxygen sensor (sharp swing):

  • Linear oxygen sensor output (wideband/special):

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