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username is rage2, and here's my uberdata story.

Been tuning cars, particularly Hondata and AEM forever, decided to give the freeware a try. Threw a b18b LS motor into my cousin's $500 Civic CX shell. Seriously, it was a piece of shit shell, as shown in the picture. Ran some 94 octane, and street tuned to 150whp with some very agressive timing and a 7000rpm rev limit. Remember, this is a bone stock LS motor making that much power. The motor pulls hard all the way to 7000rpm fuel cut. Peak hp is in the 6700rpm range.

Enabled launch control, tuned it for optimal launch on the mismatched 13" and 14" winter tires. Went out and raced a Civic EK with a JDM ITR B18C5 engine and LSD tranny swap. Raced twice, 0-120mph, won both races off the line by 2 car lenghts. The EK type R could not catch up, nor could I pull on him. Not bad for LS power against a 200hp Civic EK. Uberdata is wicked, gives me the functionality of Hondata without the costs. Can't complain!

The car's getting a T4/T3 turbo in about a month's time. I'll have some new dyno numbers and drag numbers then. I also have my personal car, an EF getting a B20B swap done with the same T3/T4 50 trim turbo. Will be interesting to see how much power I can push outta that motor.

  • picture of the car:

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